Ian D Murphy 
call 00353 87 218 4006
       00971 50 344 5710
Director Of Photography
      I find great honesty in cinematography, creating a feeling, a style, an emotion, with out speaking is something very special. Since studying at the national film school in Poland back in 2005 I learned how a picture can have a soul and how it can move people to feel not just see.  I try to affect people with frames, colour, light, so the pictures say as much as script. Sometimes its about capturing moments, sometimes its about crafting them, and each has its place, each has its power.

     I have worked on many feature films, commercials and documentary projects that have been receiving accolade from around the globe. The feature film projects I have worked on have won many awards and international critical acclaim. Most notable is Pilgrim Hill, The Quite Hour and soon to be released Storage and recently the I was part of the Virry project which won a bafta.

    Crew dynamics are important to me and I try to manage my department to perform with a positive attitude and make the on set atmosphere productive and enjoyable.

    I use Arri, Red, Canon and Sony cinema cameras, geared heads, remote heads, and am comfortable working with aerial and underwater filming.

     For the past 13 years I have been lucky enough to work all around the world, absorbing all the diversity and passion of people and places, but also relentlessly gathering technical knowledge and expertise in order to express my vision.

Peace and Love