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Director Of Photography
The Blow Ins

    ​Dir: C.J Scuffins

    Short Film

                The film’s genre is supernatural adventure. The story concerns a sea-rescue volunteer who happens upon a ‘ghost boat’ on her first mayday mission. The film’s lead character, Lorraine Egan (Jill Sartini), is a rockabilly from inner-city Dublin. The look of the film meshes her love for urban ’50s/’60s Americana with the beautiful West Cork landscape.

                Cork producer Raymond McSweeney raised the bulk of The Blow-Ins’ budget via private investment, and continues to work on funding opportunities for the film’s distribution to the international film festival market.

                The film’s rescue scenes were shot on the sea surrounding West Cork. Land locations included the picturesque villages of Courtmacsherry and Kilbrittain. The latter is home to the ultimate West Cork blow-in – the 66ft skeleton of the fin whale that beached in 2007.
Film Showreel
Pilgrim Hill

    Dir: Gerard Barrett

    Feature Film

                Pilgrim Hill is a 2013 Irish rural drama film, which won the Rising Star Award at the 10th Irish Film & Television Awards.

                The film depicts the life of an Irish cattle farmer, living alone with his invalided father in a remote Irish location. The Irish Times (in a four-star review) wrote: "Barrett's début feature is a quietly stunning slice of rural naturalism. A masterful début."

                "It is beautifully shot using the minimum lighting possible, as if mirroring the lack of light in Jimmy's life." The movie bit .com
The Daisy Chain

    Dir: Ken Williams

    Voiced by Fiona Shaw

    Short Film

                "It's a beautiful  film.. It has  the best of a spiritual nostalgia making you love the place  and  the time even though it  does not belong to you ... It really jumps into  the imagination--  the music, the sky, the water,  the  starring  dandelion ..and  that  daisy chain is  so moving just its  length and the feeling of lost  moment and the  fact of ageing and  the  scale of life  changing .. Bravo all of you and  it is  an honour  to be  a  tiny part of  your  creation ..." Fiona Shaw acclaimed Irish actress.
The Stranger

    Dir: Jason Woodward

    Short Film

                This western hits all the marks with love, loss and importantly revenge, as it driving forces.

                When a band of thieves steal from a small bank their aftermath of destruction catches up with them.

    Dir: Rupert McCarthy-Morrogh

     Feature Film

                Storage is a new psychological drama feature film that explores the nature of regret. This experimental film follows the struggle of one man to resolve a lifetime of decisions, their impacts on his life and on those around him.

Storage just completed the festival circuit and coveted awards from

Stocxholm Independent Film Festival 2017 :
Winner Best Arthouse Film

European Cinematography Awards :
Winner Best Drama Film

The Quite Hour

    Dir: Stéphanie Joalland

    Feature Film

                After an alien invasion a young girl and her blind brother fight for survival and defend their farmhouse from marauders. Starring Dakota Blue Richards, Karl Davies and Jack McMullen. Production company Frenzy Films.

                I was Director of Photography on the second unit which was Directed by Sean McConville. We shot mainly green screen plates and elements for the space ships with special effects supervisor Christian Darkin. We also shot some action scenes with the lead characters.
The Spoils

    ​Dir: Tony Murphy

     Short Film

                This film is set a futuristic apocalyptic world where a special elite team track down some devious assigns.

                Shot over 2 days in the wilds of the Kerry mountains in the south west of Ireland.

    Dir: Saus and Chop

     Feature Film Promo

                A tense story of a young mother desperately trying to raise her child in the hostile surrounding of a brothel. Set in the early 90s Dublin.

                She suppresses a horrific past deep within her gut. It broods and bubbles with memories of abuse, not only from others but also from herself. How she deals with her child is a reflection on how she deals with her own inner turmoil. Her perceived power comes from her ability to conceal the truth but when the one thing that is true and good in her life is threatened she must face her demons head on.


    ​​Dir: Ahmed Zain

    ​Feature Film

                Lisa is a light hearted drama that explores the world of two over weight brothers that have their lives turned upside down when a foreign girl shows up on their door step. Having been safety in seclusion for years the brothers learn to step outside of their idyllic farm life and discover more about the world and them selves.

            The video is a behind the scenes look at the film, the trailer is still getting the final touches but the film has already been selected for the 2016 Dubai International Film Festival.

            Filmed over three weeks in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Fan Of Amoory

   Dir: Amer Al Murry

   Feature Film

                            Fan Of Amoory is a story of young football players who overcome adversity and challenge the establishment to fulfil their dreams of being professional players. Set in the sleepy town of Fujairah the group of young misfits travel to the big leagues to show the world what you can achieve if you put your heart and soul into a dream.

                  This film has impressed both the critics and audiences with its confident direction and crafted frames setting it as a unique film in the gulf region and on the world stage.

              After a successful national release it is now spreading out across the world on the film festival circuit.