Ian d. murphy  director / DOP

'The Quiet Hour' Post Apocalyptic Feature Film about an alien invasion. A young girl and her blind brothers fight for survival.  Starring Dakota Blue Richards, Karl Davies, and Jack McMullen. Production company Frenzy Films.

Ian shot second unit dp for effects and several scenes.

Dir: Stéphanie Joalland

'The Stranger' this short Western Film is a nod to the genre, love, loss and importantly revenge.

Dir: Jason Woodward

'Viviene' is a feature film promo, it is a tense story of a young mother desperately trying to raise her child in the hostile surrounding of a brothel. Set in the early 90s Dublin.

Dir: Saus and Chop

'Pilgrim Hill' is a feature film that depicts the life of an Irish cattle farmer, living alone with his invalided father in a remote Irish location.

"It is beautifully shot using the minimum lighting possible, as if mirroring the lack of light in Jimmy's life." The movie bit .com

Winner : Rising Star, Irish Film and Television Awards                                         Dir: Gerard Barrett

'Storage' is a feature film that enters the mind of a demented soul who is coming to grips with the decisions he has made in his past.

Winner: Best Art House Film, Stockholm Independent Film Festival.  Best Drama,  European Cinematography Awards.

Dir: Rupert McCarthy-Morrogh

'Fan Of Amoory' is a feature film about the power of dreams told through the experiences of a brave and talented boy whose idol is the famous football player Amoory.

Winner: Best Cinematography Calella Film Festival, Best Cinematography Nairobi film Festival, Best Director Deli Film Festival.

Available now on Netflix                                                                                                 Dir: Amer Al Murry

'Kalek Shanab' The Emirati Hangover Film. This hit comedy has an all star cast who have to piece together what happened to them last night. A rampage of chaos has left the hero's with more questions than answers. In hilarious fashion the three must find the answers

Available now on Netflix                                                                                              Dir: Hani Al Shebani

'Ghost' is a feature film that pitches a families greed against an ancient ghost. Having disturbed the spirits of the past the family will have to decide whether to give up their goal or risk it all.

A horror film with comforting comic moment's 'Ghost' is a world of shadows where you have to look twice because nothing is as it seems.

Release Date 2022                                                                                                          Dir: Amer Al Murry